Architectural Graphics

New materials, new technology and new techniques have made Architectural Graphics -- wraps and large-scale images -- a valuable tool for any company or organization looking to create unique branding environments that enhance their professional messaging. At Image Works, we work closely with the manufacturers to stay on the knife-edge of technology and installation techniques – for any indoor or outdoor surface -- and we have the experience and talent to work with your team throughout the process to ensure that your office, home or travel environment delivers the message you want to your audience.


Glass – One of the most under-utilized surfaces in any business, windows, room separators and door glass can be imprinted with translucent, opaque or perforated graphics installed indoors or outdoors with multiple images on either or both sides of the pane. Glass graphics also offer great signage alternatives for businesses facing restrictive local zoning codes.

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Walls – From permanent, traditional wall-paper to short-term installations using the latest technologies, materials and adaptable adhesives, we can help you turn interior and exterior walls into decorative branding and marketing displays for businesses, homes, exhibit space and museums. We work with any surface.


Floors – Full-color, large-format graphics offer a unique and innovative way to make use of your floor space for short-term promotions or long-term decorative branding opportunities.


Doors – Greet customers, guests and employees with our innovative mix of materials, designs and graphics installations for interior or exterior entrances, including panel or solid doors.

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