Vehicle/Boat Wraps

If it rolls, floats or flies, Image Works can wrap it. Vehicle and boat wrapping are among the most cost-efficient ways to stretch your advertising and promotional dollar, putting your brand in front of thousands and thousands of commuters each day. From custom design to the latest installation techniques, Image Works is your source for professional, durable and effective brand communication that puts your business or organization on the fast road to success!


Wraps – Stretch your marketing dollars and increase impressions through full- or partial-vehicle wraps that increase visibility and awareness. Image Works offers total vehicle wrapping that expresses the personality of your organization through the use of graphic film, gloss and matte laminates and reflective materials that guarantee maximum exposure


Partial Wraps/Lettering -- Partial wraps and lettering are ideal for clients seeking the impact of wraps but need a more economical alternative. Designs and graphics can be added and partial wraps offer a changeable element that maximizes the effectiveness of the message.


Transit -- Building on our digital printing heritage, Image Works was one of the first companies to introduce bus and transit wraps in the 1990s and we have become one of the most accomplished companies in the nation in this field.


Trucks – From garbage to cement trucks, Image Works is the experienced leader in custom-designed wrapping of large commercial vehicles with precision quality.


Boats – Image Works is a master in the complex field of boat-wrapping with experience that ranges from high-speed race boats to recreational and fishing craft.


Fleets – Put your brand, logo and message on the road with Image Works’ fleet wrapping services. Cost-efficient, effective and convenient, we can wrap everything from company cars to small trucks to large tractor-trailers with customized full-color graphics designed for maximum impact.

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Left Field – Wraps – they’re not just for buses, anymore. At Image Works, we specialize in unique, innovative, eye-catching projects guaranteed to attract positive attention. If you can move it, we can wrap it!


Process – Full-color vehicle wraps are digitally printed with solvent-based, pigmented inks and Image Works regularly conducts weathering tests to determine the lifespan of inks used in the process. Long-term wraps are laminated to protect them from ultra-violet light exposure and abrasion. Removal, when necessary, usually takes several hours and causes no paint damage to the vehicle.


Lifespan– Image Works uses the best materials and processes to provide full-color wraps that last for years, but we also offer short-term, cost-efficient wraps designed for special projects and promotions. Contact us to learn more about this inexpensive and effective method of promoting your brand.

  • Image Maintenance Protection (IMP) -- Image Works offers a customized fleet graphics maintenance program to ensure maximum effectiveness. We conduct our own ink and vinyl tests to determine lifespan based on climate, exposure and use to provide our customers to regularly scheduled replacement and refreshment services to ensure that your brand presentation remains fresh, strong and clear – at a fraction of the costs of painting and repainting.





Cost – Vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost-per-impression of any major advertising medium and can be used to maximize exposure. Used in conjunction with traditional advertising, fleet graphics add a valuable dimension to your marketing promotions with minimal budget impact.